We Sell Unused Time

Life is Flexible.

Events Should Be Too.

FlipTix Lets You Buy or Flip the Remaining Time on A Ticket


Giving fans leaving an event early the ability to Flip the Remaining Time on Their tickets.


Don’t be a sad Sally, no seriously, don’t.

The best ticket is a Flip


How Does It Work? 



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Leaving early?

Flip your ticket. It's That Easy.

Download the FlipTix app, provide a couple of details including: your ticket number, name, and email. FlipTix will do the rest. No more sketchy Craigslist meetups or weird Reddit deals.  We know it, we've all been there. 

FlipTix makes it easy by Flipping your Tickets for you. 

So go ahead and buy that Festival Pass, FlipTix will help you get money back. 


Want to See Part of A Show? 

Coming Later?


Best way to get it in hands down is FlipTix. Pay for the parts of the show you want to see. FlipTix tickets are 100% legitimate and in-partnership with the venue/organizer. Bottom Line: Flipped Tickets work. 

It's exactly like you are sharing the time with someone else. So when they need to or want to go, you can take their spot. This means a GREAT SHOW, at LESS THAN FULL PRICE. It doesn't matter if the event is sold out, FlipTix is the way in. 


BTW, Shows are better with Friends. So whether you are coming or going take a group and give us a share!


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