The Story

Ever feel compelled to stay at a show until they end because the tickets were expensive? Maybe got a little too sketched out when buying tickets from some rando online? We sure have. We’re FlipTix, a group of event-loving music-junkies, and die-hard sports fans with a billion combined years of experience (*billion may be an exaggeration). We are building FlipTix with the belief that you should have the ability to leave events, concerts, sporting events, anything really, when you want and open the door for someone else to take your place.

Born from the idea that fans needed a safe and secure marketplace to buy and sell tickets without having to put your trust in a scalper or overpriced ticket reseller. We are the world’s first fan-to-fan marketplace that lets you FLIP your ticket to someone else outside after you leave a show, or buy one from someone who already left without any sketchiness in-between. We want everyone to enjoy their favorite events the way THEY want to.

FlipTix partners with venues, promoters, and artists to make sure everything is above board. So even even when re-entry is not allowed, FlipTix is your tried and true way.  Even where transferring your ticket/wristband is prohibited, FlipTix makes it legit because we issue new Flips!

At one point or another, we’ve all had to or wanted to leave a show early. Friend too drunk, let’s beat the traffic, only liked the opening band, the kids have school in the morning, or really only cared about the first day of a multi-day event. Everyone has a different reason. But we all do it.

How it works

Leave Early| Flip With Us

When you’re ready to leave, use the FlipTix App to list your ticket and we’ll tell everyone who’s interested in the event that your ticket is up for grabs! Then as a Flipper, you’re done. Leave when you want, and get value back for the time you didn’t use when someone gets your Flipped ticket. No need to meet them in person, we got that! FlipTix makes the process legitimate providing safety from fraud and scams. 


Get Tickets| Buy With Us

Check out FlipTix supported shows. No worries if the show is sold out, tickets are no longer available, or you’re coming late. FlipTix typically has availability as Flips occur at all different times. Simply “Heart” a show you are interested in, and Flippy will send you an alert when a ticket is available. Log into the FlipTix platform, select the number of tickets, and away you go. Since FlipTix partners with venues, you can trust that the tickets you purchased work and are legit. 

Pay only for the time you use!


What’s Next

FlipTix launched recently, and if we’re not in an area near you yet - we want to be! We’re trying to help everyone get to the shows they want, worry free. If you want to come and go as you please with FlipTix at your favorite venue, concert, festival, sports team, WHEREVER, send us a message. And we’ll do our best to be there for you as soon as possible.


FlipTix, you’re in for a flipping good time.