Hotel Tips for a Comfortable Stay

Festivals and concerts in of themselves are a BLAST, but you know what’s even more fun? The hotel. You get to get away from your home for a weekend, live in a comfy new environment where most of the cleaning is taken care of by someone else, and your job is to just have fun. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty awesome. Not all hotel stays are ideal, though, so we’ve thought up a list of tips on how to make your festival stay as comfortable as possible!

Bring items from home.

While you might enjoy the down pillows that essentially suck our skull into the abyss, nothing says comfort like your own pillow from your own bed. Bring your favorite blanket, your favorite sheets, anything that will remind you of your bed at home! You might even find that you sleep better with these items by your side, which will give you more energy for the next day of festivities! 

Stock up.

Most hotel rooms have a mini fridge and cupboards for stocking up snacks and goodies -- take advantage of them! Food at your event venue is going to be expensive, because that’s just how vendors work. Stock up on the snacks you know you’ll want throughout the day (as well as when you’re in your room at night and in the morning), and only plan to eat large meals out. You’ll save a lot more money, and feel confident knowing you have what you want in your bag. (In the event that your hotel room has an entire kitchen setup, buy groceries for the weekend and make yourself dinner!)

Treat yourself.

Don’t be afraid to bring in some fuzzy slippers, a cozy robe, or a towel from home (or just so happened to spot in the store) you especially love. When you’re not out and about, feel free to live in these comfy things, and revel in it. Turn up the heat in the room, take a long, warm shower, and snuggle up in your robe or cozy loungewear. Treat your room like a spa, especially after spending most of your day in the dirt and outdoors!

Fill the space with your vibes.

Bring a smudge stick, incense, essential oil spray, or a travel diffuser that you can plug into the wall. Smell is a key aspect to triggering emotions and memories, so if your space smells like harsh cleaning chemicals? You’re not going to feel comfortable at all. Fill that room with a smell that reminds you of home and makes you who you are!

Put things away.

Break out your clothes from the suitcase and hang them as soon as you can. Not only does this prevent wrinkles, but it also makes the room feel less empty. Do this for your toiletries as well! This makes getting ready for your long day a lot easier.

With these few tips, you’ll find that your small hotel room has become YOUR zone, and you’re free to enjoy your weekend in the best way you can! Comfortable!

Brian Siegel