What Not to Do at a Concert

You are about to part with a sum of money to attend the hottest concert or festival that is rolling into your town. With that investment, you get to enjoy awesome live tunes and hang out with other people who share your musical tastes.  What you don’t get is a pass to act a fool with free reign to wreak havoc on everyone else who is trying to have a great time. Unfortunately, some concert goers believe the cost of a ticket enables them to do whatever they please once they enter the arena or walk through the gates at an outdoor venue.  Here’s how you can avoid becoming a that guy or girl.

The overactive photographer

It’s a digital world and taking and sharing pictures from an amazing concert is part of the fun. Disrupting people around you in an attempt to constantly snap the next viral sensation is not. Additionally, avoid being a seat stander. You know the person who stands on their seat to capture audience shots. Standing is one thing, trying to gain height for aerial shots is not cool.

The rebel

Rock and Roll music has a rebellious past that is still alive and well today, but you don’t have to rise up against the ushers or security at a concert to show your defiance. In this case “the man” is just trying to keep people in their proper seats and ensure everyone is enjoying the show without too many distractions. That’s not much of a force of evil to stand up to.

The karaoke queen

A little impromptu karaoke is bound to break out at a concert but belting out every song as if you are the lead singer is taking it too far.  If you are hitting higher decibel levels than the band turn down the volume a notch or two. And if you want to play it safe only sing along loudly when the band prompts you to do so.

The over drinker/over restroom trip taker

If between your beer and bathroom runs you are getting up 15 times during the concerts, you might learn to pace yourself. By chance you know you are going to overindulge, and require myriad bathroom breaks, try sitting in an aisle seat. Still continuously jumping up to maintain your buzz will get annoying to those around you. Oh and you won’t remember the concert.

The librarian

We previously mentioned that you shouldn’t go overboard with your picture taking, singing and rebellious behavior but at the same time it’s a concert not a library. No one is in the mood for a play it by every rule authoritarian to make his rounds keeping everyone in their place like a drill sergeant. A concert is supposed to be fun and a bit rowdy. You aren’t doing homework so undo that top button and live a little.

Whether you are trying to break your Instagram record for most likes on a picture or you are attempting to show how badass you are by standing up to a security guard, forgoing those bad behaviors can go a long way in helping you enjoy your concert experience. Not to mention the other concert attendees. Have fun but do it respectfully.

Brian Siegel