5 Tips for a Comfortable Plane Ride


Traveling is a frustrating hassle, no matter the form of transportation you take; it’s crowded, recycled air and you’re usually sitting for the vast majority of the trip. Planes, however, are probably one of the least comfortable ways to get from one place to another, because you’re thousands upon thousands of feet up in the air, probably scrunched up next to a stranger, with little to no room to even move your arms without getting up close and personal with your neighbor. It’s a stressful time. So, here are five ways to keep as comfortable as possible when taking a plane:

1.) Dress Comfortable

It’s the first and — probably — the only worldwide, unspoken law. Sure, you can dress for the meeting you might have, but you’re going to be feeling those slacks or that slim-fit shirt well before your flight has even started. So, rather than deal with wrinkled suit jackets, dress like you’re on your day off, or it’s your vacation; wear shoes that slip on and off easily, wear pants with an elastic band or a draw string, and your comfiest shirts. Be sure to dress in layers, so you can adjust to the plane’s temperature as needed, without needing to use one of their scratchy, hospital-like blankets.

2.) Pillows

Always bring a pillow; your neck will thank you once your plane lands. It can be one of those travel-sized pillows that slip around your neck, or it can be a smaller pillow from home. Really, just bring one you know for certain will work for you, otherwise you’ll be frustrated and sore once you get to your destination because the leopard print neck pillow you bought at the airport gift shop wasn’t the right fit for you.

3.) Eye-masks

Sometimes you’ll get these courtesy of the airline you’re flying with, and other times you won’t. This is also just one of those things that depends on taste; there are people who like the thin, faux silk masks they get from the back of the seat in front of them, and there are people that like the flashy, padded ones they bring from home. Either way, it’ll be a huge help when you’re trying to get some shut eye and the aisle lights haven’t turned off, or the guy next to you is diligently watching every action movie he can get his hands on. 

4.) Playlists

Make a playlist before you head to the airport of all the songs that keep you in a mellow headspace, or find one already made up. This will calm and flying jitters you may have, or drown out the passenger snoring behind you. 

5.) Window Seat

If at all possible, try to get a window seat; these have a tad bit more room in the sense that you can prop your pillow against the window and get more comfortable if need be. You may need to pull off a contortionist act to do it, but it’s possible.

Brian Siegel