Bands We All Wish Would Get Back Together


Things aren't built to last, or that’s what we tell ourselves when we receive the soul-crushing news that our favorite band or bands are no longer traveling down the same path, and they’re no longer going to bless our ears with their sweet music. We gather ourselves the best we can, but still, our hearts are broken, and we’ll probably be crying in the shower later. We wish there was something we could do — maybe even consider finding a crossroads and pulling some Supernatural deal strike just to see them back together. So, here are some bands that we would gladly give our souls up for, just to see them return to their former glory:

My Chemical Romance

They were the literal definition of our high school emo days, and there is never any shame in revisiting that nostalgia. Throw on The Black Parade or Dead! and it’s a party. Fortunately enough, the artists didn’t part ways on bad terms; they just needed to go their separate ways. Their front man, Gerard Way, is actually a very successful comic book artist who now has a Netflix show based off his books.


The moment someone says that they don’t know who NSYNC is, you know they’re too young for you. NSYNC was one of the most popular boy bands in the 90’s and early 2000’s, with hits like “It’s Gonna Be Me” and “Bye Bye Bye.” They broke up due to one of their members, Justin Timberlake, and his desires to try a solo career, which skyrocketed him into the eternal world of popularity. He sound familiar? Thank NSYNC (and Disney, but that’s a whole other story).

Destiny’s Child

The same goes for this group — if you don’t know who they are, then let’s just put it this way: this girl group gave birth to Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. They parted ways peacefully, but not before giving us masterpieces such as “Say My Name” and “Survivor.” The disbanded group members are still active in the entertainment world, but on their own. If they ever blessed the universe by joining forces again, we would all probably melt into a happy puddle.

The Beatles

For as crazy successful as this band became, there were bound to be pressures and disagreements and stress, which is why some people weren’t surprised when the band split up. They just couldn’t keep walking down the way they were headed, and wanted to try something different. Although two of the original members are, sadly, dead, the rebirth of this band would mean a lot to many, many people. But maybe it wouldn’t be the same? The four Beatles created such beautiful songs and touched so many people, that perhaps rebuilding them would be something of a dud? It’s a nice dream, though.

Which bands would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Brian Siegel