In the Pit: Etiquette

It has started. The long summer of music festivals; the weekends spent surrounded by a loud bass blasting throughout the campground, the scent of beer wafting through the air, people moving around to the music as if they were all part of one hive mind. With these festivals comes certain rules -- etiquette, if you will. If you find yourself in a mosh pit this summer, here are a couple of things you should remember:


Probably one of the biggest unspoken rules is that you need to respect people. Period.

There have been countless times when a band stopped mid-song because they saw something in the pit that was less than appropriate. They will call you out on it, especially if you're being inappropriate with a woman. While the pit might seem a little chaotic, it's really a type of community, and if you don't respect your neighbors, then you'll be kicked out.


This is really more of a sub-section to “respect:” help your fellow concert goers.

It might sound hard to do, but being aware of your surroundings while in the pit could possibly save a life. If you see someone having a hard time keeping up, or someone who's fallen, help grab the attention of others so you can get that person up and get them to the edge, where it's less chaotic.


Not everyone at the concert is there to be involved in the pit. There are people who go to concerts to just watch the band, maybe even watch the pit, but will not partake in it. Therefore…

Another general rule is to never pull someone in. Ever.

They must join willingly, or not at all. Pulling people into the center of something so high-energy and rapidly moving is a good way to get people hurt.



Do not go into the mosh pit with violence on the brain.

If you are looking for a physical fight, the pit is not the place. You are allowed to bump into each other like bumper cars all you want, but the second you elbow someone, throw a punch, or kick someone's knee, you'll be busted. The bands don't want to tell you, their listeners, “no moshing”, but they definitely will if they see people picking fights or using the pit as an excuse to try and hit someone without consequence. Don't be a buzzkill.


So, if you go into the mosh pit following the general rule that you need to show as much -- if not more -- respect as you do towards everyday people in the pit, then you'll be okay. Have fun, be safe, and rock on!

Brian Siegel