Reasons to Attend Sonic Temple 2019

Every year, when the weather turns warm and the sun stretches its stay in the sky, we face the dawn of music festival season. It's a heart-throbbing, almost ethereal feeling to be wrapped up in a sea of bodies, surrounded by music that tickles your pleasure senses. This year, though, rockers are conflicted; Rock on the Range has come to a close, after a long, memorable stretch. In its place saunters in Sonic Temple -- not a replacement, but something altogether new. It might not be Rock on the Range, but it's definitely an incredible event worth attending, and here's why:


#1. The lineup.

Obviously, the main reason we attend music festivals is because of their band lineup, or who they choose to headline. Sonic Temple is featuring Foo Fighters, System of a Down, Disturbed, Bring Me the Horizon, The Prodigy, and Ghost as their big-stage bands. They will also have Halestorm, In This Moment, Parkway Drive, and Lamb of God, among others during a three-day rock fest.


#2. It's something new, yet familiar.

Music festivals are pretty cut and dry: music, drinks, dancing, people. While it might not be Rock on the Range, Sonic Temple is brought to you, the people, by the co-creator of the retired RoR festival, as well as the creators of the Louder than Life and Welcome to Rockville festivals.


#3. It's in May!

May is the perfect month to have a three-day music fest, because it's right in that sweet spot where it's not too hot, and definitely not too cold. You can wear your best festival attire, or you can wear something cozy -- it all works! If you plan to camp there the whole weekend, then there will be no problem getting cozy in a sleeping bag; no worrying about getting all gross and sweaty!


#4. It's not just a music festival.

There will be kiosks all over the festival grounds, as well as inside a designated art tent, of different forms of creative, expressive art. From spoken word to live mural painting, there will be so much more than music lighting up the inspirational sectors of your brain.


#5. Food and drink!

Sonic Temple is going out of their way to bring you the best possible experience by laying out over twenty different food and alcohol venders! Ranging from Filipino, to American homestyle, to Caribbean foods will be available during the festival's duration. Not to mention all the bars!


So while Sonic Temple might be new to you, it's definitely going to be a unique experience. Check it out May 17th, 18th, and 19th!

Brian Siegel