Filling Venues is No Problem for These 8 Artists

It’s hard to imagine, but at one time that same artist you’re going to see at the amphitheater once played down the road at a hole-in-the-wall bar for $5 a ticket.  But the ability to bring the crowds is what makes an artist stand out from the rest, and soon packed bars lead to sold-out stadium tours.

The birth of music streaming services may have altered the world of album sales, but fans still rush at the chance to hear their favorite songs live. Whether they were first discovered on television, Spotify, or the bar down the block, musicians stay in the spotlight by hitting the stage regularly.

And when it comes to hitting the stage, these acts have proven and continue to prove just how easily they can sell out a show.           


The band who holds the record for the highest-grossing tour of all time recently announced that they’d be taking a break from touring, but not before making a killing in ticket sales.

In 2017, the band’s The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary tour sold out in a span of 24 hours.  This past year’s eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour brought in over $125 million despite showcasing no songs from arguably the band’s most popular album.

Beyonce & Jay-Z

In 2014, Bey and Jay’s massive On the Run Tour brought in over $100 million in ticket sales and is still regarded as one of the most important hip hop tours of the decade. Fast forward four years, and the Carters end up making more than double in ticket sales during their OTR ii Tour. Can the world handle a third tour?

Billy Joel

If someone invites you to play at their party every year then you’ve got a pretty good gig going. If someone invites you to play once a month, and that someone happens to be Madison Square Garden, then you’re Billy Joel. Since 2014 the piano man has packed the New York arena where he has played over 100 shows in the span of his career. 

The Rolling Stones

Arguably the hardest touring band in showbiz, the Stones have set countless records over the course of their career. The band’s A Bigger Bang Tour was the highest grossing tour of all time when it came to an end in 2007. This last year, European leg of their No Filter Tour raked in $237.8 million, and their U.S. leg will conclude summer of this year. Will 2019 be the year they break their own records?                                                                                     

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has been busy the past two years, fresh off the success of his 2016 album 24K Magic, Mars launched a tour of the same name to the delight of fans all over the world. Seriously, in less than a year the artist had sold over 2 million tickets worldwide, a serious feat considering that the tour wasn’t even over yet.       

Taylor Swift

Many in the industry were worried that the once unstoppable Taylor Swift had run out of ways to impress fans, much of this in response to diminished enthusiasm over her Reputation album. But surely enough, Swift proved once again that she knew how to bring a crowd in 2018. Her Reputation tour ended up breaking The Rolling Stone’s record for the highest-grossing U.S. tour since 1990.  

Garth Brooks

When Garth Brooks took to the road again for the first time in thirteen years, country music fans came out in droves to see the legendary performer. Mr. Brooks walked away from the tour with over $350 million in ticket sales, and set a record previously set by himself for tickets sold during a continuous North American tour. It’s no surprise that late last year, the singer announced he would once again tour the country in 2019.  

Ed Sheeran

Last year, music industry analysts were surprised to find that Ed Sheeran had already cleared over $200 million in ticket sales halfway through the year. Knowing this, it looked like Sheeran’s end-of-year numbers would be big; big ended up being an understatement. Sheeran’s record setting sales beat out Taylor Swift, Beyonce & Jay-Z, and previous record holders U2!

 The artists listed obviously put on a good show, so what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to start planning out which concerts you’ll see this year, because as you can see, the seats fill up fast these days.

Brian Siegel