Reasons to Attend KAABOO Texas 2019


Maybe it's the beginning of summer vacation, or the end of another school year, but something about late spring and early summer is infectious. To celebrate, music festivals burst through the season welcoming every person of every nation with open arms. Maybe it's the atmosphere -- the pure euphoria that encompasses the venue while everyone is there. Maybe it's just the unspoken empowerment of freedom. No matter the reason, music festival season is here, and it's waiting. Not all festivals are just music, though; KAABOO is a sure example of that with its various tents and pleasures, and here's why it's the place to be:

 The lineup.

Yes, it's still a music festival, so their lineup has to crush it. KAABOO will feature various genres such as rock, alternative, country, pop, and hip hop. They have different genre artists mixed together, so there won't be all one type of music one day. Their goal is to awaken the musical taste buds in the brain, give a taste of just about everything. The Killers, Sting, Lionel Richie, Little Big Town, and Pitbull are some of these headliners. But there's more! They also have a comedy lineup for their comedy tent, with Brad Garrett, Garfunkle and Oates, and Whitney Cummings, to name a few.

 If the music isn't enough, then there are a plethora of other things to do and see; one of which is all the artwork!


There is art of all sorts for public viewing, but also a “Contemporary Art Fair” where you can buy pieces from local and international artists! What's better than supporting someone's creativity?

One feature that sets KAABOO apart from other music festivals are the indulgence and relaxation centers. What are these?


Exactly what you'd think: massages, hot shaves, hair salons, and the like. KAABOO believes in self care, and they're making it readily accessible during the three day festival! That also have a day and night club called BASK, which has not only a pool, but a private cabana. Perfect for those warm Texas days.

And what festival is complete without food and drink?

607428612 (1).jpg

None, that's what. KAABOO offers a variety of artisan food as well as non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Better bring an appetite!

Whether this is your first trip to KAABOO, or you're a frequent and devoted participant, this festival is packed full of fun and lighthearted good times -- the perfect embodiment of summer! Party hard and stay safe!

Brian Siegel