What You Miss When Skipping Out On A Concert


There are plenty of reasons why you might NOT go to a concert; maybe there's too much homework given to you by a teacher or professor who finds pleasure in large work loads, or maybe your boss wants you to carry the weight of the company on your shoulders, or perhaps you've just run out of people juice and need some time alone. Fact is, concerts aren't for everyone, but the desire to go is still there! Is it worth it? What are the pros? The cons? Here's what you might miss if you skip out on that next concert:

Of course, music is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of concerts. It's typically the most important; what's a concert without music? It's not just the music, though; you'll miss feeling the bass pound in your ears, vibrate through your bones and rattle your intestines until it reaches your feet. You'll miss feeling the chill of that sweet, special note wafting through the crowd like fog and pulling at your heart strings. Sure, you'll miss the music, but you'll also miss MUSIC.

You'll miss the show; the way the lights go out just before your favorite artist's appearance, and the audience goes dead silent -- they won't even breathe, like the oxygen vanished with the light. You won't experience the way your heart explodes when the lights come on and the music starts, or how you get butterflies of excitement when you watch the way the costumes and movements reflect under stage lights and against bare skin.

You'll miss the atmosphere -- the plain, unadulterated joy that radiates off of each and every one of the people surrounding you. It's so infectious that you can feel it in the air like a thousand swaying bumble bees and, once you've caught it, the only cure is the end.

You will miss the experience as a whole. Stepping into the venue ignites something inside of you and instantly throws you into a drugless high; everything is vivid and sharp, you feel like the hard floor beneath your feet has melted away into a universe of its own, beckoning you with each step. It's a completely ethereal experience.

If you ever find yourself staring at the “pre-pre-order” tab on a computer, wondering if a concert would really be worth it, the answer is: YES! You will emerge from the venue a changed person, feeling better and closer to the world around you.  Go see that concert. Go see two concerts. Your soul will thank you (and so will the artist.)

Brian SiegelComment