Bored? Your End of Summer Checklist

The worst thing about summer break is that it ends, and usually? It ends all too quickly. Even if you’re beyond the point of summer breaks, and find yourself in a day-to-day life of adulthood, summer is still something most look forward to. It’s warm, it’s freeing, and -- minus the bugs -- is pretty great in general. So now that it’s swiftly coming to a close, you feel like you’re rushing to get everything done before you move on to your autumn self. So, here to give you a little helping hand, is our list of things you HAVE to do before the end of the season!

 Visit a water park.

If you have to downscale to a pool, that’s fine, too, but a water park is ideal. Why? Because they’re awesome? You have a bunch of people getting drunk on the sunshine and smell of chlorine, slipping and sliding over plastic slides that reach into the sky like buildings. It’s a great way to hang out with friends, or make new ones! Not to mention the tan that you’ll come home with…

 See a concert.

Concerts can be found a plenty during the warm months. Most of these tickets can be bought cheaply weeks or even months in advance, so what’s stopping you? Pack your bug spray, pick out a killer outfit, and emerge yourself into some ethereal musical culture.

 Go camping!

This one isn’t for the faint of heart, but there are so many different levels of camping that just about anyone could do it if they set their mind to it. Most camping grounds will only charge you a small fee per-night, and that includes access to events, and oftentimes a beach! What’s not to enjoy about sitting around a camp fire all day?

 Visit the zoo. It’s not just for kids!

Zoos are so underappreciated, and so full of fun things to do, see, and experience. Bigger zoos even have specific nights set aside for adults, and frankly, we can’t find any issues with that. Bring on the elephants!

 Go on a road trip.

Your whole summer leads up to this moment, because it can be applied just about anywhere. Take a day and travel around your state (or part of it), or take an entire week and travel across the country. Load up on snacks, make a great playlist, and hit up the gas station, because if you could put summer into one activity, it would be travel. You can go anywhere. Why not go?

 What other things are a must-do during summer? Is there something we should hold off doing? Let us know in the comments -- before the weather changes!

Brian Siegel