Newsflash: Fanny Packs Are Back in Style

Fashions go in and out of style over the years; we've seen the rebirth of denim jackets, paisley print on almost everything, and even fanny packs! Now, we know what you're thinking: "Oh, God, those are dreadful!" But are they really? Should fanny packs be the new "it" item? Here are four reasons why we think so. 

  1. They’re compact!

    The main purpose of the fanny pack -- or waist bags/purses, since its general nickname is a bit taboo -- is to decrease the clutter in a bag that leads to lost items. You can throw your important items in the bag on your hip, rather than have to lug around a backpack and dig through your other things just to reach the essentials.

  2. They’re safe!

    The downside to purses that hang off your shoulder, or even get strung across the chest and dangle down, is that it’s pretty easy to get into one in a congested area. With all the bodies around you, it’s nearly impossible to tell who is touching for uncomfortable reasons or for devious ones. The same goes for a backpack, drawstring bag, or even just having a wallet placed in your pocket. You’ll be surprised what you think you can feel, but can’t!

  3. They’re adorable.

    When you think “fanny pack,” you probably think of those heavy-duty, bulky things that the media handed off to stereotypically “uncool” characters. But the thing is, it’s 2019! Hip pouches can be made of just about anything; they can be heavy nylon for travel, or a lighter fabric for fashion purposes. They don’t have to look like a camping tent had been compacted into a belt on your waist.

  4. They’re emergency-friendly, because of how conveniently they are placed.

    Say you need a bandage -- quickly -- before the accident is a bigger mess than it needs to be, do you want to spend time pulling out every embarrassing item in your obnoxiously large bag, or would you rather save a life with the band-aids you have conveniently in your fanny pack? What if someone is going into a hypoglycemic shock and need something stat? You could save a life with your snack stash in your hip pouch. They might not be the coolest things to some people, but they won’t be telling you how dorky you are when you’ve saved twice as many lives as they have, because you’re prepared.

 Did we miss anything? Let us know what awesome stuff you could do, or the time you could save, while wearing a fanny pack in the comments below!

Brian Siegel