Concert Performances Perfect For Video Game Fans

Most everyone loves music – whether it be a rhythmic beat made on a computer or a powerful ballad performed by a beloved British lyricist; there are many, many forms of music. When you play a video game, there is also music, and oftentimes, it’s very powerful. For example, the original sound track (OST) of the Bethesda game “Skyrim” is a very popular one among the gaming community. So, the question is, if you can go to concerts for your favorite artists and bands, why not for soundtracks from games? To the surprise of many, there are actual festivals and concerts dedicated to these things! Here are just a few:

The Game Music Festival in Wroclaw, Poland

…This is the second year that the festival has blessed the earth, and they make it their goal to bring the listeners dazzling, breathtaking acoustic performances of their favorite soundtracks. The Sound Factory Orchestra will be giving three different concerts, each one dedicated to something different; “The Symphony of the Desert” is the first concert and features work from composer Austin Wintery, who worked on soundtracks from games such as The Banner Saga, Abzu, and Journey. The second day features two concerts, “The Symphony of the Colossus”, which feature magical performances from games like Ice, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian composed by artists such as Michiru Ōshima, Kow Otani, and Takeshi Furukawa. The second concert is “The Symphony of the Shadows” will feature music from Assassin’s Creed II and Hitman, written by Jesper Kyd and performed by NFM Wrocław Philharmonic Orchestra and a choir.

Video Games Live

…is a concert event that tours around the world playing OST tracks from over forty different games, ranging from Final Fantasy to Gears of War and even some classical medleys. The group has been given a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for holding the most video game concerts in a single year (43). The places they visit vary, but some places they are visiting in the year 2019 include Ohio (U.S.), New York (U.S.), Texas (U.S.), China, and Spain!

Play! A Video Game Symphony

…is, like VGL, a global touring concert that features a various amount of different works from different games. It originally started out as a sort of commission for the game company Square Enix, Andy Brink decided to make it into a touring collection that has played music from Battlefield, Final Fantasy, and the Elder Scrolls games.

There aren’t many concerts dedicated to video games, but the directors are hoping that these will bring positive attention to the gaming industry and gain momentum for the appreciation of music in general. What game soundtracks do you love?

Brian Siegel