How to Throw the Best Summer Party

Everyone loves a good party, especially during the summer, when you have more room to plan and decorate -- not to mention the summer foods and attire! Humans, as a species, practically thrive off of gatherings, so it’s important to make sure we throw the best one we can, right? Well, here’s what we think you might need to know on throwing the best ever summer party!


This is a big one -- literally and in a manner of speaking. If you don’t have the right venue for a party, then people are going to feel like they’re crammed into a sardine can with little to no breathing room. If you’re throwing a party at your home, then make sure that your guest list matches the amount of people that can fit comfortably. Figure out how many people you want to invite, and then get a venue for that amount -- not less!


Have you ever gone to a party during summer vacation and it was dead silent? Well, you don’t want to. It’s a good ice breaker, and keeps the mood right where it needs to be. Have a set of portable speakers and an AUX cable for your phone or other mobile device, but don’t let just anyone hook up to it. Talk about a mood killer.


This is only if you and your guests are of age -- DO NOT encourage underage drinking (duh). If your guest list is going to be small, think of it in terms of wine: three bottles of wine per every four people. If you’re going to have more than ten guests, half that -- so two bottles -- and then ask everyone to bring their favorite drink to share. Running out of alcohol at a party that specifically advertised it is a party planner’s worst nightmare.


Know what your guests will and won’t eat way beforehand; buying a collection of items that only three people are going to touch is a huge waste of money and food. Have a loose menu when it comes to entrees, and ask guests to bring desserts or sides. You shouldn’t have to cook everything yourself.


This can be any type of game or games you think would fit the atmosphere; it can be yard games, card games, a video game set up -- whatever! Challenges and competitions go a long way at a party.

Have fun.

If things don't go as planned, that's okay. Mistakes happen, accidents are common. The important thing is that you spend time with your friends and family, and make memories while the weather is warm.

What are your tips for a perfect party? Let us know below!

Brian Siegel