Reasons to Attend KAABOO Del Mar 2019


Summer is coming to a close; the air is getting crisper, the world is vibrating with anticipation for the beginning of a new adventure in academia, but you know what? There’s still some time left to party on! Music festivals might be coming to a close, but not before the final bang with KAABOO Del Mar! San Diego is the perfect place for a non-music festival. What’s that? You don’t know what that means? Well, to put it simply: KAABOO isn’t just music, or the manic, dirt-covered mosh pit of a festival you may typically enjoy; it’s something altogether different, and here’s why you should consider going:

The lineup

Yes, it's still a music festival, so their lineup has to crush it. KAABOO will feature various genres such as rock, alternative, country, pop, and hip hop. They have different genre artists mixed together, so there won't be all one type of music one day. Their goal is to awaken the musical taste buds in the brain, give a taste of just about everything. Dave Matthew’s Band, Mumford & Sons, Black Eyed Peas, and Snoop Dogg are just a handful of the artists they have ready. Music not enough? They also have a seated, indoor comedy club dubbed Humor Me, which features comedians such as: Bert Kreischer, Bob Saget, and Wayne Brady.



Feed your artistic soul with KAABOO’s art exhibits and live installations. Some art will already be in place when KAABOO starts, but there are other artists who will create murals and other works live, during the festival. This is your chance to see how many of your favorite artists do what they do. Like what you see? KAABOO also features a contemporary art fair, where you can buy from local and international artists. What's better than supporting someone's creativity?



You read that right! One of KAABOO’s outstanding features is that they are big supporters of self-care, relaxation, and cleanliness. The event features clean, safe bathrooms, clean-up stations, and indoor relaxation centers. What are these? Exactly what you'd think: massages, hot shaves, hair salons -- even a nutrient IV drip to cure that nasty hangover!. KAABOO believes in self-care, and they're making it readily accessible during the three day festival! That also have a day and night club called BASK, which has not only a pool, but private cabanas as well. Relax much?



What festival is complete without food and drink? None, that's what. KAABOO offers a variety of artisan goodies as well as alcoholic (and non-boozey) beverages. 

Whether this is your first trip to KAABOO, or you're a frequent and devoted participant, this event is probably the best way to end the summer. So relax, grab a drink, and jam out!

Brian Siegel