Classic Rock Songs to Fuel Your Workout

When it’s time to get motivated for a great workout picking the right music is vital. Unfortunately, many people turn to dance, rap or heavy metal to get properly fired up for an intense session of lifting, running or spinning, without even considering the classics. How can we leave out an entire genre of music when finding inspiration to become fit? It’s a travesty. Well it’s something we are going to fix right now. Here are 8 awesome classic songs to add to your playlist that will not only fire you up but remind you why the classics are indeed classics.

Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, rock band of all time. When you hit play on Immigrant Song you’re tossed right into the action. That’s right no waiting. This fast-paced classic tune will get you right into your booty sculpting session from the get-go.

Working Man by Rush

Guitar World included this rock masterpiece in its list of the 100 greatest guitar solos ever. Exceptional guitar riffs and masterful drumming make this classic tune perfect for your power workout.

Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival

If you’re a CCR fan you may just want to put this song on loop while you are long distance running outside or on the treadmill. Fortunate Son peaked on the charts at number 14 but it will send your workout to number one.

Baba O’Riley by The Who

Released in October of 1971 this classic tune rocks today as much as it did almost 50 years ago. One of Time’s All-Time 100 songs, Baba O’Riley has been used as the Los Angeles Lakers intro song since 2003.

Highway to Hell by ACDC

You could probably make an entire playlist of ACDC hits and stay motivated for hours. But Highway to Hell is perfect when you want to push out one more rep.

We Will Rock You by Queen

No workout playlist would be complete without this classic that has been used in just about every sporting arena on earth to inspire fans and teams alike. Even on your most tired days, We Will Rock You will get your blood flowing for a heart pumping workout.

Radar Love by Golden Earring

Released in 1973 and reaching number 13 on the charts, Radar Love is an unforgettable classic that even features a brass section. Drums, guitars and brass. It doesn’t get any better.

Separate Ways by Journey

We know Separate Ways is an 80s song, but it still belongs with the classics. And Journey. Really enough said.

There are so many more classic rock songs that you can include in your workout playlist we can’t include them all, but these eight brilliant tunes will fit perfectly in any of your fitness routines. Now get out there and get moving.

Brian Siegel