Tips to Keep Your Pet Comfortable While Your Away

The next big music festival is rapidly approaching and you’re ready. Almost. You have your tickets, made your travel plans and even have the perfect outfits picked out but one thing remains. What do you do with your beloved Baxter? It’s the one drawback of traveling away from home: ensuring your pet is comfortable while not in your care. No need to worry we’ll investigate the best ways to keep your four-legged companion nice and comfy while you are jamming to great live music.

Phone a family member, friend or neighbor

Who better to take care of your pet than a trusted family member, friend or neighbor? Just be sure to provide plenty of time before your event and craft a detailed to-do list so you leave nothing to chance. Furthermore, this is the most economical answer to your pet sitting problem as most loved ones won’t charge you. That being said, remember to bring back something nice from the festival to show your appreciation.

Hire a professional pet sitter

Obviously, this will lighten your checkbook more than asking a loved one, but especially during a time crunch, having a professional pet sitter available can be a life saver. In addition to the cost the next important factor is trustworthiness. You love your pet, so you want only the best care for him. Do your research, read reviews and only select a pet sitter you are completely comfortable with hiring. Also keep in mind many pet sitters will require you to take your pet to their homes. If you are more comfortable leaving your furry friend in care at your own home, consider the next option.

House sitter is also a pet sitter

Want everything taken care of in one easy option? Hire a house sitter. Hiring a house sitter makes the most sense when you are leaving for more than just a couple of days. Again, you are paying someone to stay in your home and take care of your pet so do your research before you hire. There are many websites that can provide insight and guidance in hiring the right house sitter for your situation.

Your pet can take a vacation at a boarding facility

Boarding facilities have changed over the years. Some can be downright luxurious. The good news there are usually plenty of options that fit most budgets. The best way to find a good, safe selection for boarding your furry companion is ask a friend or family member for a referral. Regardless, you should do your own research and visit the facility to make sure it’s reputable. If it seems unclean and the staff isn’t engaged in taking care of the boarded pets, walk out and keep looking.

No matter which option you choose knowing your pet is comfortable while you are checking out your favorite bands provides peace of mind. Now stop worrying about Baxter and have some fun.

Brian Siegel