Need to register to buy tickets?


Already pre-registered to buy? - you will receive a notification on the FlipTix App when tickets are available. 

How to Buy

  • Make sure you have the FlipTix App on your phone 
  • Open the FlipTix App 
  • Register For An Account 
  • Purchase your KAABOO Wristband 
  • Visit either FlipTIx Station to pick up your ticket (See Map ) 
  • Make Sure The Whole Party Is There!
    • If you are buying multiple tickets, each person in the party MUST BE PRESENT AT THE FLIPTIX STATION to have their wristband registered. 
  • After you receive your wristband, you MUST REGISTER the band in order for the Wristband to work 



Stop by the FlipTix Station or drop us a line at