Flipping A Ticket

How to Flip a Ticket

  1. Log In to FlipTix App

  2. Select ‘Flip’ in bottom navigation

  3. Click ‘Flip’ my tickets

  4. Select the event for which you want to Flip

    1. You may need to select “Upcoming” events if the event you wish to flip is not current

  5. Select your event

  6. Add the UID or Number listed on your wristband or ticket for the amount of tickets you want to Flip

  7. Select Add UID

  8. Select Ticket Type

  9. Add Payout Information

  10. Confirm you wish to Flip

  11. When ready, see FlipTix onsite to confirm departure

  12. Your ticket is Flipped!

  13. Check the FlipTix App and Email for information on your ticket status

Can I Flip directly to a specific person?

No, FlipTix does not currently support the ability to Flip your ticket to a specific individual. Once you register and post your Flip, all interested fans are notified that a Flip is available, and everyone has an equal shot at getting your Flip.

How do I find the status of my Flip?

Check the FlipTix App under Flip and find your tickets under “Flipping”

Be sure to check your email for updates on your Flip Status

How long does it take for a ticket to get Flipped once I put it up to Flip?

This depends on the demand at an actual event.  High Demand events have seen Flips move in 16 seconds or less.  Flips at lower demand events may not move at all.

I never received a Flip that I paid for

Please send an email to help@FlipTix.com and we will address your question as fast as possible

How come I can’t Flip at all events

There are 2 reasons for this:

  • FlipTix is not yet a partner with the event promoter and/or the venue. Please send us a note at help@FlipTix.com to tell us where you would like us to be

  • You are attending a General Admission show (non-festival).  While we do make tickets available for these types of shows at participating venues, there is no ability to Flip General Admission tickets

Payment Questions

App won’t accept my credit card

  • Please ensure you are inputting all of the requested credit card information (account number, CVV, and expiration date)

  • If you are using a debit card, please ensure you have enough money to cover the entire amount of the Flip purchase

I purchased more Flips than I really wanted

Per FlipTix Terms of Service that you agreed to at the time of purchase, all sales are final and no returns or cancellations will be allowed.  This is because once you purchase a Flip, we issue a reward to the original Flip holder.

Can I change my payment method?

There are 2 ways to change your payment method.

  • When you checkout, input the required information of your preferred payment method

  • Click on ‘Account’ on the bottom navigation on the app; Select “Payment Method”; and input the required information of your preferred payment method

How do I receive my Flip?

  • If you purchased a Flip for a ticketed (versus wristband) event, you will find your entry Flip in the FlipTix app.  Click on ‘My Tickets’ in the bottom navigation and you will find the Flip that you have purchased. Please show this to gain entry to the venue

  • If you purchased a Flipped wristband (versus a ticket), then you need to find the closest FlipTix booth onsite at the festival to pick up your wristband.  If you can’t find our booth, please send an email to help@FlipTix.com and we will respond with location instructions

Receiving Your Reward

How do I receive my reward for Flipping or letting you know that I left a venue

You will receive an email with information on how to receive your reward.  Please make sure that your email is up-to-date in the FlipTix app.

How do I update my contact information to ensure that I receive my reward

Once in the FlipTix app, Click on ‘Account’ in the bottom navigation bar; Click on ‘Profile’; Click on ‘Edit’ and update the appropriate information

What if I don’t like my reward

We’re really sorry if you don’t like your Flip reward.  We have tried to provide incentives and rewards consistent with feedback provided by other Flippers.  Please send us an email at help@FlipTix.com to provide your specific feedback