We Sell Unused Time

Life is Flexible.

Events Should Be Too.

FlipTix Lets You Buy or Flip the Remaining Time on A Ticket


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The First Real Change
In Ticketing

Ticketing has been the same since, well...ever. That needed to change.

Whether you’ve had to leave an event early, or tried to buy a ticket too late. Fans have been asking for ticketing flexibility for far too long.

We’re here to give each fan the full flexibility to enjoy the events how they want, when they want, for how much they want, and for as long as they want - with no value lost.

No longer will fans be limited subject to meeting strangers, haggling prices, or risking fake tickets.

Its the Flippin’ future


Flip Your Ticket

Need to leave but there’s still show left? We’ve got you!

You paid for the whole event, but were only present for part of it. Then Flip - your - Tix!

We’ll notify a list of people waiting for you to leave and Buy the remaining time on your ticket!

Then you get value back from your ticket so you don’t lose out on anything

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Need a ticket?


Purchase the remaining time left on a ticket from someone who has already left the event.

Search In-App for the ticket you want, and purchase!

See the event, but not a ticket? Don’t worry, we’ll notify you as soon as a ticket is available from an early leaver!


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