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Featured in  SportTechie

During the busy summer season at campgrounds, when park plots tend to sell out, Seth Siegel noticed how often campers and RVs might reserve a week but vacate halfway through, leaving unused terrain that the park couldn’t return to their inventory to meet the unmet demand. Along with his older brother, Jaime, he began brainstorming […]

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Featured in MGB

Many seats remain empty in stadiums or concert halls if fans decide to leave early. FlipTix, a new push in the ticketing ecosystem, proposes to sell "unnecessary time."

The idea: When a spectator leaves the event, the event organizer can resell that viewer's ticket so that someone else can enjoy it. Spectators who leave are therefore encouraged to come forward when they leave the room: they can receive a remuneration or a reward (merchandising, ticketing, etc.) if their ticket is resold.

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